Se n’è andata senza lasciare traccia, 2015

Se n’è andata senza lasciare traccia, 2015
Iron base, overhead projector, map, text and projection
Room-sized installation



This installation stems from the memory and the grieving process for the artist’s grandmother.
The sorrow due to the lack of a tomb to visit her, has led the artist to envisage her grandmother’s presence in heaven. It is a light and bright presence that suggests a constellation. The traces projected to the ceiling are the paths followed by civil protection teams during the search to find the woman, got lost in summer 2011 in Piacenza countryside and never recovered.
A document, displayed on the projector plan, set on a lower base, shows the combed area and the paths. These paths have been pierced, so that the holes on the paper allow bright streaks of light to be projected onto the ceiling. The double reading, horizontally and on the ceiling, suggests a reflection on the importance of burying the body of a loved one for people that have loved him/her. It is an act of care and affection that humans need in order to cope with a loss. This thought is also emphasized by the words “Non c’è una tomba”, on the floor, near the overhead projector.


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