La struttura è inagibile e io che faccio?, 2017


La struttura è inagibile e io che faccio?
(The building  is condemned,  what shall I do?)
Loop Audio 1’, wallpaper, pre-spaced text
Total space

The door of the café of the former Santa Croce asylum in Macerata, wrapped in orange paper, becomes a catalyst of attention and a visual expression of the art project.
From the inside of the closed building we can hear the voice of a woman telling a fragment of her story.
The artwork refers to the recent history of the buildings of the former asylum, damaged by last year’s violent seismic swarm. In fact, due to the quake of 20 October 2016, the main building and other pavilions were condemned. As a result, the offices and clinics of the local healthcare system, which had been based there for some years, had to be moved to other areas of the city.
Despite the fact that its building had not been damaged by the earthquake, even the café located at the entrance of the asylum had to close, having lost its usual customers. Mrs Gianna Geangeli, who had been conducting the café for 20 years, didn’t get any safeguard because she was not a employee of the healthcare system. All of a sudden, she got unemployed and with a life to reinvent.
Being struck by this story, the artist decided to contact Gianna to meet her and listen to her story. With her artwork, Laura Bisotti spotlights Gianna’s story, which had been untold so far, and brings the presence of the lady back inside the building, in that place that has been her life for twenty years.

Text by Michele Gentili


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