Quando scivolerà, 2016

Quando scivolerà, 2016
Monotype on Senkwamm 40 gsm. paper and digital print on acetate paper, steel cable
3 elements: 94 x 126 cm

This work presents three different future imaginary scenarios for Venice, created by real datas on the topographic city map. In each of them, one geographical indicator in the map has been isoleted: land, sea and green areas graphically marked with three different colours. These have been represented on the paper by the monotype technique, following the original colours, but modifyng dimensions and actual positions.
The lands have been preserved in their forms and dimensions, but they have been placed in other locations. The sea has been expanded; doing so, the Great Canal appears bigger and Lido become a thin stripe of land. Last, the disposition of the green areas has been strictly aligned.
Acetate papers averlie these painted ones, one for each on which the digital print of the toponomastic has been carried out and mixed up.
In the first work, the streets’ and venetian palaces’ names scatter in the spaces, suggesting movements of the wind or insects. In the paper dedicated to the sea, the names crowd together so that they won’t have to be submerged due to the lagoon’s expansion; eventually, in the third work, words follow different orthogonal trajectories.


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