Ipotesi, 2016

Ipotesi, 2016
collage of digital photos, drawings and writing on Fabriano F4 paper
20 elements: 25 x 35 cm + 1 element: 10 x 15 cm

It is a series of 20 tables, derived from the reorganization and rielaboration, in her atelier, of a selection of photos, taken during some days spent walking and losing herself around Venice.
Foregrounds of the architectures allow the comunication between the lagoon and the venetian mainland. Wooden verge, bricole, small masts and platforms help the docking of means of transportation and let passengers get on and off the boats.
The pencil and pen drawings intervent on the photos and go on paper, suggesting imaginary extention of these structures on the sea bottom. Masts of wooden or concrete constructions become long legs and feet that walk to the sea and support palaces and calli on tiptoe.


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