Planano, 2013

Planano, 2013
maple leaves and soft ground prints
2m x 2m

Planano is a wall composition of natural objects, maple dried leaves and some hardcopy archive documents, they are the imprints of the seeds itself, done using soft ground, an intaglio technique.
The work was born from the observation of the fall of those leaves, whirling down, in pairs, as if they were the mechanisms of many small propellers.
The action of nature with its spontaneous act, random, light, easily recalls to the canons of Romantic landscape, but proposed according to a rational logic.
The artist hopes to evoke that sense of lightness and playfulness common to anyone who is happened to come across to this whirlwind of pinwheels, but at the same time, it’s given a measured and arranged vision, mediated by a typical approach of the archival organization of museums.
Technically, the work is made following the typical aesthetics of the cataloguing in museums, that is staring elements with pins to the support.


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